Join me on a journey into the forest to gather the wisdom of the trees. There is just something magical about trees, they are a part of our lives, they are one of the worlds most amazing givers, clean air through their life cycle, the filtering of water through their roots, the calming effect of the sound of a soft breeze through their leaves and the thankful shade on a lazy summer day. We have watched them grow as our life has grown, we have admired them from a distance and studied them up close. They supply an unlimited amount of grounding energy and for some of us, hugging them brings us back to center as we gather strength from their years.

In this workshop series, we will explore the wisdom that the trees impart to each of our lives, through art and the written word. We will create a book filled with pages of your art and your heart. Your Magical Word to Live book “Wisdom of the Tress”, will be created based on the words of wisdom from the trees. We will each choose a word/phrase from those listed in the first lesson you will get, once you sign up. We will create pages that are filled with the wisdom that these vibrant, energy filled trees offer us.

Each of the eight sessions in the workshop, will contain a prompt. This is the beginning point for each session.  Spend some quiet time/ meditation time on the prompt before you get started on each session.  Collect your thoughts and images to be used on your visual art pages you will be creating in the session.

It is very important to the success of your book, that you take some time before you start creating your book, to focus on the prompt and how it applies to you.  At this time you will write down your thoughts on the prompt and collect needed supplies to create your page.  You will have the opportunity to create individual pages in each session, using the videos, written instructions and templates provided.