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Join me on a journey into the forest to gather the wisdom of the trees. There is just something magical about trees, they are a part of our lives, they are one of the worlds most amazing givers, clean air through their life cycle, the filtering of water through their roots, the calming effect of the sound of a soft breeze through their leaves and the thankful shade on a lazy summer day. We have watched then grow as our life has grown, we have admired them from a distance and studied them up close. They supply an unlimited amount of grounding energy and for some of us, hugging them brings us back to center.

In this workshop series, we will explore the wisdom that the trees impart to each of our lives, through art and the written word. We will create a book filled with pages of your art and your heart. I encourage you throughout the workshop, to let yourself go, be creative, think outside of the box, do your own thing to make this book yours. Every prompt is a starting point; the pages I guide you through can be approached just as they are or feel free to step out there and change them up. I encourage you to reach into your creative reservoir and express the wisdom that abides in the trees, through this Word To Live Book. In this “Wisdom of the Trees” book, there will be eight prompts, within each prompt you will create one or two spreads. I have videos, written instructions, images, templates and more to guide you; we will fill the visual journal, all pages, with the Wisdom of the Trees for each of our lives.

What participants are saying:

My favorite part of the workshop was that it was about nature, the trees. We see trees all the time but never really SEE them. I also love combining the sayings and poetry with the artwork, and the pictures which made it so personable…Diane C.

I enjoyed Widsom of the Trees Workshop tremendously! I enjoyed ALL the neat creative ideas and things we did cutting the watercolor book apart to make interesting pages that popped up, etc.   I liked painting each picture and working with different media. I have learned a lot about how to shade and make art look dimensional instead of flat. Learning to make a sky look like a sky, and how to make a tree look realistic, also how to use shading and light in your artwork. I have enjoyed this tremendously. I’m a visual learner, so observing how it’s done via a photo, video, or seeing the real piece, goes a long way. Basically….I have just followed your example by doing what you do/copying how you painted something, and watching how to create shading and such. My art looks like yours, but in the learning phase…I’m happy with this. It takes me less time to follow your lead than come up with a different style of something for the same assignment. When I’m crunched for time, it makes dreaming up something different more of a chore. I would think eventually it would be nice to create something individual, like some of the ladies have done, but hmmmmm. I’m for learning the easy way until I have enough time to dream up ideas…. Sheri S.


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As an artist, I endeavor to express my love of life in each of my pieces.
As a teacher, I believe that being creative is a choice and anyone who chooses to take that leap into feeling free to express their artistic abilities will have fun and make their own unique art. When I teach my workshops, I enjoy the meditative properties of doing art. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself. "I find myself on a creative, spiritual journey, one I am designing as I take each step along this path. I have found my way, maybe even my purpose. It’s no secret that I love drawing, painting, creating and helping others through sharing my creative gifts. I am gathering my creative soul energy, bringing it into my life, my art and my teaching. I am sharing my path to living your own unique creative soul energy, in my workshops and my art. I would love to have you join me."

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