Supplies for this workshop are listed below. I encourage you to try out different supplies if you want to, I also hope you will feel free to be creative and change up pages to make them your very own. I also encourage you to use brands you have, the below links are brands I use, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use something else, example: the watercolor paper needs to be 11 x 14 – 140 lb cold press, it doesn’t have to be Fabriano – Strathmore and Arches both make a nice pad, I wouldn’t get much smaller than an 8 x 10, we will be tearing pages out of them. Acrylic paints must be a soft body paint, I suggest Americana if you are going to buy acrylic craft paints, if you have some acrylic paints at home, make sure they are soft body acrylics (they flow) not heavy body acrylics (very thick), also make sure they are not too watered down, you want good pigment in your paints. Golden soft bodies are fantastic, but expensive, also Liquitex soft body acrylics are wonderful, but expensive too. If you have Mod Podge Matt that is great, use it, if you want to invest in a different medium buy the Liquitex Matt Medium.

Supplies you will need:

In places where I have put an amazon link, these are only my recommendations, you can always use other brands that you like.