No worries, not jumping over these kind of edges!

“At the edge of life, the world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for your senses to grow sharper.” W.B. Yeats

Join me as we stand on the edge and jump into our magical unique lives.  What if we are meant to go over the edges in life, exploring those things that fill us up and make us whole. What if your best life begins when you stop worrying about what’s over the edge and jump in, with your whole heart, mind, body and spirit. Or will you stare at the edge, letting the sometimes hard, always magical stuff, stay just over the edge.

In this workshop series, we will explore some of those things that fill us up and make us whole, those things just over the edge in our lives, we will look at each through art and the written word. We will create a book filled with pages of your art and your heart. Your Magical “Standing on the Edge of Life” book, will be created based on your thoughts and interpretations for each of the prompts. Don’t be afraid to go over the edge, there is so much that is beyond that flat surface, so much to discover about ourselves, our lives and our world.

Each of the ten sessions in the workshop, will contain a prompt. This is the beginning point for each session.  Spend some quiet time/meditation time on the prompt before you get started on each session.  Ask yourself the question or questions in the prompt, allow your intuition to bring you your answers during this quiet/meditation time, this is your book, your thoughts, your story. Spend some time collecting and writing any thoughts, images, etc. that come to mind. These can be used on your visual art pages to bring out your unique life.

It is very important to the success of your book, that you take some time before you start creating your book, to focus on the prompt and how it applies to you.  At this time you will write down your thoughts on the prompt and collect needed supplies to create your page.  You will have the opportunity to create individual pages in each session, using the videos, written instructions and templates provided.


“Just For You Policy” Copyright Policy

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  • All materials are provided for the personal use of the purchaser and for their creative development.


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