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“Standing on the Edge of Life”

is a ten month journey to the edges of your life,

starting January 2020,

Explore your heart truths, radiating and living

gratitude, releasing your dragons and so much more.

Registration is now open for online coarse

Sign up by December 31st and receive 15% off the $130 online coarse fee, your cost will be $110.50


I am super excited to introduce you to my art journal book “Standing On The Edge of Life”. This book is totally different from any book I have done so far. It’s all about standing on the edge of life and jumping into every moment. Join me on this creative journey into your life. There will be lessons for creating your edges pages and then prompts for each of the ten section. Sessions start in January and then are issued every month through October. Every session will have videos, templates and instructions, these will be online on gypsymusestudio.com and available for you to use at your leisure.

When you register for the workshop “Standing on the Edge of Life”, starting in January, you will be able to:

  • Listen and work through the sections on your on time table each month.

  • Join the Facebook Group with all the other “Standing on the Edge” creative gypsies

  • Wear what you want, you are in your space, on your time.

  • Make the pages your own or do them just like mine. This book is an expression of your creativity and where you are on your journey at this time in your life.

  • Create a unique book to visit and be inspired by, for always.

  • Have unlimited access to the lessons.

So if you want to:

  • Stand on the Edge of Life, jumping in with all you have.

  • Grow creatively in your life and your art.

  • Draw, paint and crawl onto each page, right to the edge.

  • Learn more about yourself by jumping into the prompts and bringing out of yourself that which is relevant to your life right now.

Have the opportunities to attend, if you choose, several live Sharen facilitated classes, throughout the course of the workshop in 2020. (There will be an additional fee for each live class, more on these live classes coming.)

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User Avatar Sharen Chatterton

As an artist, I endeavor to express my love of life in each of my pieces. As a teacher, I believe that being creative is a choice and anyone who chooses to take that leap into feeling free to express their artistic abilities will have fun and make their own unique art. When I teach my workshops, I enjoy the meditative properties of doing art. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself. My husband, our three dogs are now full time RVer’s. We travel. We enjoy spending time outdoors, smore’s by the fire, hikes, creating art, teaching classes and throw in the vast beauty of the natural world around us, our life is good!
$130.00 $110.50