Suggested Supplies you will need:

  • Acrylic paints: recommend Golden soft bodied acrylics or Americana craft acrylics; just depends on your preference, use what acrylics you have if you love working with them.
  • Stencils, small designs, may be within a larger stencil design (If you are investing “Stencil Girl” stencils are my favorite)
  • Stencil sponge (I use wedge makeup sponges)
  • Fine line Posca Pens white and black or other fine line permanent ink pens, white and black for sure.
  • Printed copies of images that represent you (photos, etc.)
  • Magazine images
  • Copies of your art work; painted, stamped, stenciled paper you created.
  • Color design papers in your chosen colors (needs to be light weight, not card stock), if you make art papers, include some of these.
  • Yarns, ribbons, trinkets, bangles, etc. to personalize your Inner Goddess.
  • Matt Medium (I use Liquitex Matt Medium)
  • Variety of paint Brushes flat, round, detail, containers, paint rags, etc.