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Your Inner Goddess Online Mixed Media Workshop

My hope through this creative mixed media path, is to bring out the strength within you to hear and truly listen to your inner heart self and allow that voice to come out as your Inner Goddess. This is the time to allow yourself to express your unique creative energy, by bringing out your Inner Goddess through this mixed media art process.

When you register for the workshop “Your Inner Goddess”, you will be able to:

  • Listen and work through the lessons in your on time.
  • Join the Community Facebook Group with all the other “Inner Goddess” creators, share & be inspired
  • Wear what you want, you are in your space, on your time, creating in mixed media.
  • Embrace your creative journey, making choices in your art and life based on your intuition.
  • Make your inner goddess a one of a kind, unique representation of you, it will be an expression of your creativity and where you are on your journey at this time in your life.
  • Have unlimited access to the workshop for at least six months from date of purchase.
  • Create a unique mixed media piece to inspire you.
  • I will lead you step by step through the process – 7 lessons with videos. Any questions, I’m available by email.

So if you want to:

  • Strengthen your ability to hear and truly listen to your inner self and allow that voice to come out as your Inner Goddess.
  • Grow creatively in your life and your art.
  • Express your unique creative energy, by bringing out your Inner Goddess through art and be encouraged to let that creative energy flow throughout your life.
  • Create a space to be inside color, paint and process, while speaking through your own Inner Goddess voice
  • Discover the goddess influences within, this understanding and inner access, can guide you in making conscious choices that have personal meaning and fulfillment for yourself, as an individual.
  • Open up and reach into your creative reservoir, infusing your creative energy into your art and your life.
  • Visualize your true nature, the innate gifts and abilities in your life and appreciate your strengths as well as understand the areas of challenge within you.

“The one thing that I have that nobody else has is me. My voice, my mind, my story, my vision. So, I will write and draw, paint and build, play and dance and live only as I can.”

You will travel your unique path, where you will uncover colors, words and images of your inner Goddess. This workshop will provide a creative space to be inside the mixed media process with color, paint and collage, while speaking through your own Inner Goddess voice and letting it flow into your unique piece.

In this online workshop, I will lead you through the steps to create your mixed media Inner Goddess. Each person will use the provided silhouette, to bring their Inner Goddess to “life”, using mixed media techniques, ribbons, yarns and information from the Gatherings from your Inner Goddess Worksheet, I provide you in the workshop. I will supply the silhouette and the wooden stand (see below information on shipping), for creating your Inner Goddess.

No experience necessary, just a desire to get creative and bring your inner goddess to “life”!

*****I will mail your silhouette and wooden stand to you free of charge if your mailing address is in the Continental United States and the postage to ship is ten dollars or less; if the postage is more than $10, I will let you know the overage and I will send a Pay Pal invoice to collect the additional postage before mailing. Postage outside the Continental United States will be an additional charge, over $10, payed through a Pay Pal Invoice before mailing. Silhouette and stand could take up to two weeks to receive. *********


All sales are final and no refunds or credits will be given before, during or after workshops. This includes in person workshops and online workshops. No exceptions can be made due to the nature of our workshops.


“Just For You Policy” Copyright Policy

  • It is expressly forbidden to share, remake or distribute class materials, templates, images, photos.
  • You may not teach class materials in a demonstration, classes, on video or in Schools.
  • You may not use artwork copied from Sharen Chatterton’s work for commercial purposes.
  • All materials are provided for the personal use of the purchaser and for their creative development.


Terms and Conditions


As an artist, I endeavor to express my love of life in each of my pieces. As a teacher, I believe that being creative is a choice and anyone who chooses to take that leap into feeling free to express their artistic abilities will have fun and make their own unique art. When I teach my workshops, I enjoy the meditative properties of doing art. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself. "I find myself on a creative, spiritual journey, one I am designing as I take each step along this path. I have found my way, maybe even my purpose. It’s no secret that I love drawing, painting, creating and helping others through sharing my creative gifts. I am gathering my creative soul energy, bringing it into my life, my art and my teaching. I am sharing my path to living your own unique creative soul energy, in my workshops and my art. I would love to have you join me."