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Creating a Cover For Visual Journal – My Story Book Cover Class

This Class was designed as an addition to the Word to Live “My Story” workshop. The designs and techniques taught in this class could be used on any Strathmore hard bound visual journal book. I will take you through the process of creating this delightful cover that you can use on your “My Story” Word To Live book or on another visual journal book. Get creative with me and design your own cover based on the design and techniques in this class.


Sharen Chatterton

As an artist, I endeavor to express my love of life in each of my pieces. As a teacher, I believe that being creative is a choice and anyone who chooses to take that leap into feeling free to express their artistic abilities will have fun and make their own unique art. When I teach my workshops, I enjoy the meditative properties of doing art. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself. My husband, our three dogs are now full time RVer’s. We travel. We enjoy spending time outdoors, smore’s by the fire, hikes, creating art, teaching classes and throw in the vast beauty of the natural world around us, our life is good!