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We all have our own unique life stories filled with moments, experiences, journeys, people and so much more. For this piece, we will focus on the loves in our life story.

This piece is one of my favorite pages in my workshop “Word to Live Your Story”, but it can easily be created as a stand alone visual journal page, on a canvas or on a piece of 140 lb watercolor paper. I will lead you through the process of creating the background, the folks that bring love into your life and give you ideas of what to write on the piece if you decide to journal on it.




  • Canvas to create your piece on: I recommend the following, but use what ever brand, size/canvas, watercolor paper, 140lb water color paper visual journal that you have and you are comfortable with, you can modify this lesson to work on any canvas any size (some might be easier to work on than others, but where there is a will, there is away) –  Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper (9×12 or larger), canvas (9 x 12) or larger, or Strathmore 48 page 140lb watercolor paper Hardbound art journal,
  • Koi watercolor field set or other watercolors or you can use your acrylic paints like watercolors, You can also use water soluable neocolors like watercolors if you have them, also paint water brushes.
  • Acrylic paints, I suggest Americana or folk art acrylic paints. My suggestions for background, dark color, I used Americana acrylic craft paint Prussian Blue, you could use black, or whatever colors of your choice, You will also need colors for your world ( I used teals, turquoise, raw sienna, marigold yellow) and then colors for your people (these can be done in watercolor or just water your acrylics down to a watercolor consistency and paint them with those or use water soluable neocolors, or water paint brushes . You will also find that black, white, cream, brown, flesh tone are helpful colors to have.
  • Paint brushes suggested:round #2, #4 and flat, #4, #6, #10-12, but use what you have and are comfortable with.
  • Mod Podge Matt,  permanent bond paper glue – example-Elmer’s Craft Bond, etc.
  • White pen (suggest Gelly Roll 08)
  • Paper towels, I suggest Viva, but any strong, no color design paper towels will work.
  • Sharpie Black Permanent pen fine, or any other fine permanent black pen, I like Tombows
  • Pencil 2B, 6B and white eraser
  • Paper towels or paint rag, paper plates
  • Water container
  • Scissors
  • Space to work where you can be and get messy!


“Just For You Policy” Copyright Policy

  • It is expressly forbidden to share, remake or distribute class materials, templates, images, photos.
  • You may not teach class materials in a demonstration, classes, on video or in Schools.
  • You may not use artwork copied from Sharen Chatterton’s work for commercial purposes.
  • All materials are provided for the personal use of the purchaser and for their creative development.




As an artist, I endeavor to express my love of life in each of my pieces.
As a teacher, I believe that being creative is a choice and anyone who chooses to take that leap into feeling free to express their artistic abilities will have fun and make their own unique art. When I teach my workshops, I enjoy the meditative properties of doing art. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself. "I find myself on a creative, spiritual journey, one I am designing as I take each step along this path. I have found my way, maybe even my purpose. It’s no secret that I love drawing, painting, creating and helping others through sharing my creative gifts. I am gathering my creative soul energy, bringing it into my life, my art and my teaching. I am sharing my path to living your own unique creative soul energy, in my workshops and my art. I would love to have you join me."

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