The Energy Of A Life

 In Gypsy Musings

Where do I begin. It seems like forever since I have posted. These last few months since the passing of my Mom have been a mix of emotions. To be expected or so everything I have read and heard have said. I am allowing myself to feel all the emotions that one goes through, with the passing of a loved one. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, I’m am so thankful for the patience, compassion of my sweet husband, Carter, it’s not been easy for him, he loved my Mom so much and then to see his wife so sad, well it’s just tough. I find myself angry, sad, happy and stressed, all at the same time. But it has gotten better. My Mom was so full of energy, the energy of living life, after her passing I found myself almost drowning in her energy. Not that her energy was bad, but there was so much of it. It was overpowering, every time I went to her house to take care of all that was her, or when I was wearing her beautiful, unique jewelry, that I was so humbled to have inherited, all were conduits for that powerful life energy that was her.  It was crazy how strong her energy was, I really believe her energy was running through all the circuits of my body, along with my own energy, it was just too much. I found myself in tears at her house, my neck, head, body ached when wearing her jewelry, it was just strange.  Working with an energy healer, I was able to let go of the collected energy from my Mom and bring back the life energy that is me. That life energy, it is powerful stuff. It’s in everything, everywhere, it keeps us going, it effects us in mind, body and spirit. Definitely worth spending some time on; what gives me the most energy in my mind, in my body and in my spirit. I am on a journey, a life energy journey. I want to live at my optimum energy level and will explore those things that allow me to live my life with the energy that will make me whole, let’s see where it takes me.



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