In Gypsy Musings

Life has a way of sweeping you away, changes come, directions change and you find yourself on a new path. Life happens as the wise ones say. I find myself on a creative journey, one I am designing as I take each step along this path. I have found my way, maybe even my purpose. It’s no secret that I love drawing, painting, creating and helping others through sharing my creative gifts, but I am ready to share more. Lets see where this leg of my journey takes me. I have been working on some mixed media paintings, they are unique to me, not sure why I’m drawn to paint them, but I’m listening and writing what they have to say. So I’m going to share them here as I finish them. I would love your feedback, putting part of yourself out there is not easy, so let me know I’m not alone.


“The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless, bring on the sunshine or hide behind the clouds, do moon dances, or chase the stars, create blue skies with puffy white clouds or bring on the storms. Every day the possibilities are endless; you choose.”



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