On The Passing Of A True Gypsy Heart

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Agnes Josephine Barrett “Jo” – Our Mom

Aug. 7, 1937 – Sept. 6, 2018

Where do you begin when celebrating the life of our one of a kind Mom. She was magical – an animal whisperer, she brought us up with pets to love, dogs, cats, raccoons, birds, fish, snakes and even “stinky” our skunk. She enchanted her koi as they swam through her hands to be petted, taking bits of food from her hand, she could talk to and touch those red dragonflies, her’s was not just a green thumb, but one that caused every plant she touched to flourish. To say Mom was a people person is an understatement, no matter where she was, she talked to people, she got to know them and made lifelong friends. Everyone loved her, she was always ready with a hug, no matter if it was the first time she met you or the hundredth, hugs all around. Her smile was contagious and her humor all her own. She gave love unconditionally to all. There was never a question of did she love you or was she loved, it was always obvious on her face and the way she lived her life.

Our Mom was the best, from fondue picnics on the living room floor to sleepovers with friends she was there for us, always encouraging us and ever so proud of us. She was the Mom who gave us the power to imagine our life and make it happen. We so admired her determination to live life, to ring every drop of happiness, adventure and love out of every moment. She never stood around and let life pass her by, even when the doctors gave her only months to live, her determination to live kept her involved, enjoying her activities at the senior center, with family, and friends. For nearly 3 years she literally was a miracle. We watched in amazement as she went about the process of enjoying every person, place or thing she could come in contact with. It seemed she was unstoppable. We know now that she couldn’t last forever, but Oh how we wanted to believe she could!

We miss you so much Mom and love you even more,

Sharen and Karen



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