Intuition, Direction and My Art

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I have been working authentically to get more in tune with my intuition, it is truly a journey, regaining what you once had.  I believe I was, at one time, very intuitive, listening to those gut feelings, leading with my heart and listening for direction from above. Then life happened, marriage, work, children, work, divorce, work, and on and on, repeat, begin again, well sort of. I turned into a totally left brain person, listening to my ego self, ever giving me directions. Even when I was painting, which is an intuitive process for me, I managed to make so much of the journey an ego driven process. Not that I didn’t do some paintings I am very proud of, most all of my flower painting were created during this time in my life. Even though I love each of them, I recognize how much of an obsession with detail I put into each, they are very tight paintings and are probably a great reflection of what was going on in my life at that time. A battle between letting my connection with nature and color flow onto the canvas and that ego voice saying “but it’s got to be right, it’s not quit there, make sure you make this painting perfect!”

Summer Sunflowers – Sharen Chatterton

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Well, we all know how that goes, paintings are never perfect, in fact, now that my journey has changed, I love their imperfections.  I now paint from my heart, I paint what moves me, nature is slowly coming back into my art, but it’s different, my vision has changed, they are now each a reflection of who I am in this moment.


“Twin Foxes” – Sharen Chatterton

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Below is a time lapse of an angel I did when I was feeling the weight of worry, especially in my back, about things going on in my life.


I am now working on following the direction my intuition leads me, in my art and my life.

I have been working on a lot of angels these days, also offering a workshop at Art in the Vine in Bedford “I Believe in Angels” a mixed media workshop.


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