Finding My New Path

 In Gypsy Musings

I think loosing my Mom has been one of the most difficult things in my life. She was such an integral part of our lives for all of our life, so to say she is missed is an understatement. Life for the past four years has been about taking care of our Mom and Dad, then when my Dad passed, which was difficult in itself, all our energy was directed toward Mom. Karen and I were making sure she was living joyfully and being as involved in living as much as her condition would allow. I know that she knew that she was loved and that her daughters and family, did everything we could to love her and let her live life. Now that she is no longer here, I find that I now need to get myself back on my life path. I have missed family, being creative, coming up with new pieces of art, creating new classes and workshops, reading books, meditating, have a community of people to gather and be creative with. As I step onto this new path of life, I find myself working toward filling it with things I love to do and if I have to do something that I don’t exactly love, I am finding the good in the task, learning from it and recognizing it as a part of my journey.

I am super excited about my new and improved website  Please take a moment to check it out and let me know your thoughts. I have a couple of online classes and workshops on the site, that I am pretty proud of. One that is really special to me is “The Word To Live – My Story” workshop. This workshop combines art and your story to create a magical book unique to you. I have several more workshops on my to do list. This is going to be a beautiful creative journey for me, one that I am excited to share with each of you.

I am walking my path, there are new adventures along the way, I know my Mom is with me on my new path. She would want nothing less than a joyful, creative love filled life for Karen and I and she is right here beside us, guiding us through each choice, each adventure, wherever the path takes us. She is with us in love and light.




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