Creative Soul Energy

 In Gypsy Musings

Life has a way of sweeping you away, changes come, a new directions taken and you find yourself on a new path. Life happens as the wise ones say. I find myself on a creative, spiritual journey, one I am designing as I take each step along this path. I have found my way, maybe even my purpose. It’s no secret that I love drawing, painting, creating and helping others through sharing my creative gifts.  I am gathering my creative soul energy, bringing it into my life, my art and my teaching. I am on a mission to share my path to being “fully self expressed through your own unique Creative Soul Energy”, to those who join me on this journey.

I have been thinking a lot lately about living a creative life and how my art, which is a very creative process, flows over into my day to day living.  When I bring my art process into my life I am living through my “Creative Soul Energy”. That is a process of using your imagination, your intuition and your unique self expression to fill your entire life, moment by moment. Living creative soul energy is a life of creative influences from within, it’s listening to your intuitive guidance and then bringing that into that moment, that relationship, that piece of art. What color, what stroke, what medium, what techniques, what feelings, what caution will you throw to the wind, in this piece of art, in this space of your life. When you make a piece of art your own, with your unique voice, when you crawl onto your art and become a part of the piece, you are learning, remembering and using your “Creative Soul Energy”. Think about those times when you have allowed yourself to become a part of your creative process. When you are so into the moment that time seems to stand still, you are wondering the path of the design, feeling the colors, experimenting with techniques and allowing your energy to infuse your creation. The more often we make time for the creative process, the more we find the that “Creative Soul Energy” overflowing into our everyday lives!

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