A Simpler Life

 In Gypsy Musings


Image taken from our RV looking out at Lake Grapevine

Living life simply, what does it really mean? Down sizing, by going through all our “stuff” and getting rid of all that “stuff” , that we never really used and then selling our house. Making those big changes, have given us this wonderful opportunity to simplify our life. We bought a fifth wheel, a Grand Design Reflection 33 ft RV, it is our new home and we love it. Not saying it hasn’t taken some getting use to, but it’s an adventure. We are staying at Lake Grapevine. Enjoying being here on the lake, walking a little lighter with our overhead reduced by leaps and bounds. So our simpler life has begun. We have definitely taken the path less traveled.  I don’t believe that everyone has to take that particular path to simplify their life, the path for each person trying to bring this state of being into their life will be different. For me it is less worry, I haven’t quit found a way to get rid of all my worries, and there are always worries popping up in my life, but I think living a simpler life means learning to worry less about the “stuff” that comes into my life. How to do that; well, I spend time each day acknowledging the feelings that come into my life, both good and not so good. I am thankful for the people, events and memories that fill me with those good feelings. I identify those negative feelings,  where does that energy arise in my body, I acknowledge the feeling,  bring love to it and then let it go. Now I’m not saying doing that one time, vanishes those negative feelings. Some days it works really well, other worries and unhappy feelings that bubble up, take more work, but I’m committed to putting in the time to clear that negative energy from my body, mind and spirit, it’s all part of living my life more simply.

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