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View from the Vineyards campgrounds

It seems like after selling our house and moving into an RV full time, things have been crazy busy for us. After we got back from New Mexico and the Davis Mountains in South Texas, towards the end of February, we settled in at the Vineyards campground in Grapevine. Our goal, to figure out the next part of this new adventure we have embarked on.  Turn around twice and here we are at the end of May, staying at the Vineyards as one pair of a great team of camp hosts. Living and learning, both of which we are doing a lot of, one big change (as if selling our home to become traveling gypsies was not enough) we traded in our 32ft Grand Design Reflection fifth wheel  for a 42ft Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel and traded our Ram 2500 in for a Ram 3500 dually.  We needed that extra get up and go to pull our new home “There and Back Again II”! We loved the Reflection, but full time for us required more space, king size bed, two bathrooms and a washer and dryer. I have finally gotten my “Tiny House” and we now have a lot more space (420sq.ft.) to call home, we love it!  Things have just fallen into place, it is part of our  journey.  We will stay here for a while, near my Mom and family, be in a place where I can still teach art classes here at the Vineyards, at Art in the Vine also here in Grapevine, along with teaching at The Painted Tree Marketplace in NRH. I am also working with a great team of IT specialists to revamp and set up my online workshops on my gypsymusestudio.com website. This is something I have been saying I would do for many years, it will take a couple of months, but I am super excited that this part of my journey has finally begun. More Adventures await, life is good!


Beginning Watercolor class at the Vineyards.


Visual Art Journaling class at The Painted Tree Vintage Market


Word To Live “My Story” On Line Workshop more info: sharen@gypsymusestudio.com


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